Woven by Society

Woven by Society sells fabric and handmade items, offers sewing workshops, profiles storytellers (through their crafts), shares stories and provides inspiration. It is a community that teaches, learns, shares, creates and empowers all through craft.

"I’m Robyn, the founder of Woven by Society, wife and mum to two very gorgeous children (yes I’m biased). But there is so much more to me than that. Last year I decided I wanted more. I had a good job, happy, healthy children and a loving husband, but something was missing…passion and purpose in what I was doing on a daily basis. So what to do? I knew I was passionate about learning, teaching and sharing stories. I also love sewing and creating. Woven by Society combines both my passions and creates a community where women (and men) can share their stories using craft.

Woven by Society sells fabrics and handmade items, provides sewing workshops and provides opportunities for women to connect and builds a community. I want to help empower others to not only teach, but learn and share. I am hoping we will create a community, as I truly believe everyone has gifts, talents and strengths. As we know, relationships build a community, so let’s build this community together."

- Robyn, founder of Woven by Society