Wooden You

Kate is a mum to three beautiful young children. One day, she was searching through decorating forums and looking for decorating ideas for their bedrooms. She was looking for something to fill their shadow boxes, when she came across peg dolls. At that stage, Kate could only import them from the US, so she put her D.I.Y hat on and got her brushes out. Surprisingly, she thoroughly enjoyed painting them and her children loved their new super hero dolls. Kate was so proud to have made a toy for them that they loved. The word soon spread and Kate was painting dolls for friends and family. Her clever husband came up with the name, and then 'Wooden You' was established in 2015. Kate hopes that you enjoy her Peg Dolls, as much as she enjoys painting them.




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"I am a stay-at-home mum to Zander (7), Elijah (5) and Willow (4 months). I decided I wanted to be at home as much as possible while they are young, so I created a business that I could do from home and allowed me to keep balance in my life. I started painting at the same time as teaching, but since having Willow I am focussing any spare time on Wooden You. I come from a creative family; my Mum is a window dresser, decorator and self-taught milliner. She was always sewing, creating and passing on her passions to my sister and I. My Dad is more scientific, but how tremendous patience and enjoyed creating with electronics and painting intricate details on hobby models (I see a lot of myself in him). I also danced during my childhood, which allowed me to be creative on the stage, through dance, acting and choreography.

I think there is something so special and rewarding when creating something you can see and touch. Even more special, is hearing how happy people are when seeing their Peg Dolls for the first time."


- Kate, founder of Wooden You