Warratahstree offers a social event called Social Artworking. Social ArtWorking is a canvas painting party system that gives anyone a chance to try art without all the outlay of equipment and supplies. Simple Step by Step instructions are given so Anyone Can Create their masterpiece. Warratahstree offers monthly Social Artworking Canvas painting events monthly at Inchmeal Cafe'. Warratahstree also provides high quality handmade items that are on offer for sale. One of the items are magnets with either your initials or "Melways" locations on them.

"I love showing everyone how simple it is to create a piece of artwork with the Social Artworking system. It is so much fun and I love seeing everyone have fun painting their piece of artwork. I also like creating with many forms of media. I am not just a painter but also a print maker and like to create handmade items from paper."

- Tracy, founder of Warratahstree