Originals Lab is where you will find unique handmade pieces from fun miniature food to sophisticated accessories.​ Each piece created by Originals Lab is lovingly hand made so no two are exactly the same. Colours are hand blended and the miniature accessories are hand sculpted so that they resemble a tiny version of the real item. The accessories you receive from Originals Lab are as unique as yourself!

"Hi, My name is Yvonne and I am the founder of Originals Lab. My main influence growing up in Australia were Australian artists such as Jenny Kee and Ken Done due to their eye catching and flamboyant use of colours. Also the sense of "Australia" was very present in their designs which has a significant impact on my designs.

​I have been working with polymer clay since the 1980s and enjoy making accessories that make me smile such as all my favourite childhood memories. Visits to the milkbar, the school tuck shop and good old fashioned kids parties are something that I will cherish forever, perhaps I am just a big kid at heart!"

- Yvonne, founder of Originals Lab

39 Westerfield Drive, Notting Hill,

Victoria 3168, Australia 

+61 430 147 089 


Tue-Fri 7am to 3pm  Sat 8am to 3pm

Closed Sun-Mon

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