Munky's By Claire

Munky's by Claire is a small hobby business run from Claire's home in the south east of Melbourne. Claire makes baby clothes and children's gifts. Clothing range in size from 000 to size 1. Most of the items and clothing made by Claire are unique or available in limited sizes only. Custom requests are always welcome.




"I'm a mum to two amazing girls, Evie and April. Munky's by Claire began when i took maternity leave after having my first daughter Evie. Growing up in a small country town, my mother always encouraged me to undertake craft. I am the sort of person that needs to be kept busy all the time and I have always enjoyed creating gifts for others. It was a natural progression to try and sell my creations to continue to fuel my hobby. I am addicted to fabric and I can't clean my sewing room as I get easily distracted by all the cool stuff. I am always trying new and different crafts and many of the items I create are one offs." 

- Claire, founder of Munky's By Claire