Made Bye Meg

Made Bye Meg creates quirky jewellery and accessories from a whole range of mixed media. Initially her shrink plastic jewellery was created with the use of hand carved stamps, reflecting her love of printmaking processes. Meg’s range of jewellery and accessories are inspired by her love of cats and her desire to make others laugh. She has always been a maker and has sold her wares at markets since the age of twelve. 




"I have always had a strong love of making and being creative has always been my motivation in life. I would watch Art Attack in the 90’s and create the projects from there, they turned out terribly but I couldn’t get enough! In the early days, before Made Bye Meg I created beaded jewellery and sold them at school fetes and markets. 

I became a secondary school art teacher and I used my passion for making to inspire others, during this period I stopped making for myself. After leaving teaching I needed a creative outlet, Made Bye Meg was born. I started working with my love of printmaking by creating hand carved stamps that I stamped onto shrink plastic to create my jewellery designs. Now my brand has expanded into acrylic jewellery and enamel pins, I am even working on a line of screen-printed fashion. 

I am a self-confessed crazy cat lady! I have always loved cats and my jewellery and accessories are continually inspired by the furry characters."

- Meg, founder of Made Bye Meg