Little Commodity

From simple to bold and everything in between, Little Commodity loves to create earrings and accessories out of polymer clay. Each piece is handmade and different from the rest, making them unique.


The idea of Little Commodity or LC for short, was birthed from an appreciation for locally-made, handcrafted jewellery and so became a maker, especially passionate about earrings. 


Whilst it started out as a hobby, LC officially began when the love for making for one's self, became a passion to make pieces for others.


Little Commodity is based in South-East Melbourne.


"I'm an earring enthusiast, a music buff and I've always had a love for art - creating it and being on the receiving end. I find joy in people choosing to gift a piece of LC to a friend, a loved-one or themselves.


Running a small business from home allows me to still spend time with my little boy while my husband goes to work. I like to think that Little Commodity not only belongs to myself, but belongs to my family as they support me in this. During some tough months, my love for earrings became my creative outlet. That's when I started LC and have enjoyed it since."

- Anne, founder of Little Commodity