Kathy Sayce Jewellery

Kathy Sayce Jewellery creates silver and gold jewellery set with beautiful gemstones and pearls. Each handmade piece is lovingly crafted, blending modern design with raw elements. Custom orders welcome.

"I have always loved creating.  As a child, I would find bits and pieces around the house and in the garden: acorns, flowers, leaves, boxes, old tiles and junk.  I just loved creating new things from raw materials; deconstructing and reconstructing, combining old and new.  


It was no wonder that at uni. I majored in Art when studying to be a teacher, specializing in Metal-smithing and Sculpture. I absolutely love to create jewellery with beautiful stones, finding inspiration in almost everything I see; colour, texture, shape and form combining to generate endless possibilities. I try to capture this inspiration in each hand-crafted piece, blending modern design with natural, organic elements."

- Kathy, founder of Kathy Sayce