Handlettered By Kajal

Handlettered By Kajal is a Melbourne based custom hand lettering artist and painter. Her work includes that of handmade watercolour quote bookmarks, quote arts and canvas paintings of varied sizes. A major part of her work revolves around quotes and sayings because she believes that words are a very powerful tool and to have an artistic recreation of a favourite quote on your clipboard would not only serve as an inspiration but a great gift (for yourself and your loved ones). Most of her work is personalised since she strongly swears by the fact that personalised gifts are much more meaningful, thoughtful and unique. 

"My name is Kajal and I am a full-time engineering student pursuing my passion for art, by the side. I love writing in different fonts and styles, and I love painting which is why I thought, "Why not combine the two and make something special?". I have always loved lettering quotes in different styles and I decided to take my hobby to the next level because I figured that people love quotes and sayings because they say a lot about the person and serve as a great accessory! I have always believed that "We were created to create." which is why I continue to create. I hand-letter on paper, clothing hangers, envelopes, balloons, books, etc., give me anything and I will try my best to hand-letter it! I have just entered the world of self-made creative business and am still learning, and I hope to take my passion to new heights."

-Kajal, founder of Handlettered By Kajal