'We put love in the detail.'



Inchmeal Café serves Dukes Espresso, a strong, well- balanced blend. Dukes Coffee Roasters are committed to sourcing and roasting the finest coffees. All their coffees are ethically traded and sourced from quality focused individual farms or small cooperatives. They’re all about environmental and social sustainability and that sits well with us. 



We’ve put our heart into searching for local businesses that share the same ethos and passion as us – quality, organic where possible, exceptional. We choose to serve you what we’ve tried and tested and most of all, LOVE! Inchmeal has fast been known as ‘the café that has a lot of special non-coffee drinks to try’. 

Golden Grind Turmeric Latte

Tea and Spice Specialty Chai Latte 

Konomi Matcha Latte

Mörk Cacao Hot Chocolate

Organic Herbal Tea

House Blend Black Sesame Latte

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