Amanda Tuohy

Amanda started her small Business “AmandaTuohyArt” 20 years ago. She used to have a stall at Markets all over Melbourne and was most encouraged to see how much people loved our wildlife. They would stop and look at her work with eyes aglow like children. Many would have tears in their eyes as they spoke of their memories from childhood seeing Robins and Wrens in their backyard. Amanda thought this was quite powerful. To see people become animated like children reminded her of how vital it is for us all to have a sense of Wonder in our hearts amidst the difficulties of life. Hence, the birth of the business.

Through the years she has won awards for her paintings. She has also added to her business two hard-cover children’s books which she has written and illustrated. These are inspirational stories with paintings of our beautiful Australian wildlife. Amanda is also a sought after speaker who is often invited to share her story and her art.

All her work is designed by her and printed in Australia, plus 10% of the profit goes directly to overseas aid and other charitable causes. 

"I was an extremely shy little girl afraid of people and afraid of life. I longed to know my purpose. Every day after school I would come home and sit in the garden with my beloved pets- my friends.

I began to notice little Sparrows landing near me; they would look up at me with sparkling, inquisitive eyes. Amazed, I would study their detailed feathers and began to draw and write stories about them and other little creatures. I never had art lessons but painted from my heart. The more I painted and wrote, the more my broken heart began to heal.

In a world where everyone is busy and looking at phones and computers, I believe I was sent to the earth to remind people how precious life is. Every little bird and animal is a God-given gift to inspire us and bring us joy… We only need to open the eyes of our hearts and notice them."

- Amanda Tuohy